Janice Speed of Bradford has been presented with the “elite” PPR Award for the month of November 2018, in recognition of her punctuality, productivity and reliability as a temporary worker.

Janice registered with elite in August and was assigned to her first and only temporary assignment within the same month, where as a result of her outstanding performance, she has now been offered a fantastic permanent position!   Janice worked incredibly hard whilst temping, putting in extra hours to ensure that the project was completed, proving to be exceptionally dedicated and a great asset to the team.

Our client commented: “Janice was an incredible asset to our team.  A wealth of experience, hardworking and highly committed as well as being such a lovely person!”

“Many congratulations Janice – you truly deserve this award.  You have been an exceptionally member of the elite team, and we are absolutely delighted that you are now permanent and we wish you a very long and successful career”