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Fantastic feedback from new candidate - Trudy Mason - Elite Personnel


Fantastic feedback and comment below which we have received from Trudy who has recently registered with elite:

*  How did you find our speed of response from your initial contact? – Excellent

*  How did you find the interview book-in call? – Excellent

*  How did you find the information we provided to you prior to your interview? – Excellent

*  How did you find the pre-interview forms to complete? – Excellent

*  How did you find your interview experience? – Excellent

*  Following the interview, do you feel confident that we will be able to find you your new role? – Yes

*  How did you find the friendless of the staff? – Excellent

*  How would you rate our service overall? – Excellent
*  Would you recommend Elite Personnel to your friends, family or new employer?  – Yes
*  Do you have any suggestions to help us improve our service or any additional comments?
“I have completed the form in relation to the meeting I had with Sarah. It wasn’t for a specific job or employer interview. I found the email correspondence comprehensive and helpful. I also found the staff very friendly and personable and they made me feel comfortable and at ease”

If you are looking for either temporary or permanent work or if you are looking to recruit please contact:

☎ 01274 865878



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