Laura Woodhead of Scholes has been presented with the “elite” PPR Award for the month of March 2022, in recognition of her punctuality, productivity and reliability as a temporary worker.

Laura initially started temping with elite in 2018 whilst waiting to start working as a Teacher overseas, and then returned in January this year, and she has been temping on an assignment ever since to fit in and around her further studies!  Initially, Laura assisted in our offices during the implementation of the GDPR, and also for a further local client.  Since returning this year, Laura has been working with a client in Ossett carrying out a variety of administrative duties, being incredibly bright and easy to learn, these have developed and is assisting with high level project work.  In addition, Laura has assisted on a weekend carrying out reception duties.

During her time with elite, Laura has been an exceptional worker!  She is incredibly pleasant, friendly, flexible and amenable and can turn her hand to anything……most importantly, with a smile on her face!

“Many congratulations Laura on being presented with this award.  You have always been a fantastic worker, being punctual, reliable, flexible and accommodating, and we are delighted that you are part of our elite temporaries team!”